Lab Photos

Lab Spring 2021

Left to right from top: Daniel Araújo, Heather Wheeler, Isabelle Gregga, Elyse Geoffroy, Henry Wittich, Rhea Prag, Ryan Schubert, Ashley Mulford, Chris Nguyen.

Lab Lunch Summer 2019

Angela Andaleon, Heather Wheeler, Ryan Schubert, Paul Okoro.

Holiday Party 2018

Front: Angela Andaleon, Jenny Takamura. Middle: Ashley Mulford, Rachel Weiss, Jack Morris, Mohammed Abdul Sami, Nelly the Cat. Back: Heather Wheeler, Paul Okoro, Ryan Schubert.

Wheeler Lab Fall 2018

Front: Ashley Mulford, Angela Andaleon, Jenny Takamura, Peter Fiorica, Mohammed Abdul Sami. Back: Ryan Schubert, Paul Okoro, Jack Morris.

Carbon Fellow Luncheon Fall 2018

Peter Fiorica, Carbon Fellow 2018-20.

Angela Andaleon, Carbon Fellow 2017-19.

Wheeler Lab Fall 2017

Jenny Takamura, Mohammed Abdul Sami, Jack Morris, Lauren Mogil, Peter Fiorica, Heather Wheeler.