Lab Alumni

Paul Okoro MS ‘20, Bioinformatics

  • Loyola Graduate Fellowship
  • Data Scientist at Harvard Medical School

Peter Fiorica BS ‘20, Biochemistry and Biology

  • 2020 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award
  • Carbon Fellow
  • Mulcahy Scholar
  • Data Scientist at University of Chicago

Angela Andaleon BS ‘18 Biology, MS ‘19 Bioinformatics

  • Carbon Fellow
  • 2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award
  • Loyola Graduate Fellowship
  • Master’s Thesis Vote of Distinction
  • Junior Variant Scientist at Tempus

Rachel Weiss BS ‘19, Biology

John (Jack) Morris BS ‘19, Bioinformatics

  • Mulcahy Scholar
  • Provost Fellow
  • Consultant at Accenture

Jennifer Takamura BS ‘19, Biology

  • Biology Summer Research Fellow
  • Mulcahy Scholar
  • 2019 Great Lakes Bioinformatics Best Poster Award
  • Pharmacy Student at University of Illinois, Chicago

Mohammed Abdul Sami BS ’19, Biology

  • Mulcahy Scholar (2X)
  • Medical Student at Rush University

Lauren Mogil, Postdoc

  • Bioinformatics Scientist at Tempus
  • Senior Bioinformatician at University of Chicago Center for Translational Data Science

Sally Ploch BS ‘17, Biology

  • Veterinary Student at University of Wisconsin, Madison

Alexa Badalamenti BS ‘17, Bioinformatics

  • Biology Summer Research Fellow, Mulcahy Scholar
  • Genetic Counseling Assistant at Moncrief Cancer Institute
  • Genetic Counseling Student at Baylor College of Medicine

Jon Brenner MS ‘17, Computer Science

  • Computational Biologist at Tempus

Danny Baghdan BS ‘17, Bioinformatics

  • Mulcahy Scholar
  • Master of Public Health student at Loyola University Chicago

Emma Highland BS ‘17, Computer Science

  • PhD student at University of Colorado Denver Computational Bioscience

Natalie Jachym BS ‘17, Molecular Biology

  • WISER Intern
  • PhD student at Loyola University Chicago Integrated Program in Biomedical Sciences

Amani Almatrafi MS ‘17, Computer Science

Carlos Perez-Cervantes BS ‘16, Biochemistry

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